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Each Pathway affords our learners opportunities to gain work experience. The number of days and regularity of work placements differs depending on each learner’s chosen pathway. From short-term placements to Apprenticeships, work experience is our most valuable means with which to foster our learners’ skills in context and is essential to raising their vocational aspirations.

Placements are needs assessed (both learner and employers) prior to deciding a placement and where possible, posts are linked to each learner’s interest or choice of vocational pathway. In some cases, members of College staff will support those in placement although the majority are unsupported. Whilst we endeavour to identify suitable work placements for all of our learners, we welcome any/all leads and/or introductions should it or serve to widen our learners’ scope of opportunity.

Please note that transport arrangements to and from work placements is the responsibility of the individual learner, parent or carer. To facilitate this process, where possible, we look to identify local placements and can adapt timings to suit our learners’ transport needs. For those that are able to travel independently, we can enlist the services of a Travel Trainer to reinforce each learner’s understanding and comfort surrounding a specific public transport route. In a few instances, such as group placements, we may be able to provide transport yet, given the wide geographical coverage and growing numbers of learners, generally we have insufficient capacity to do so.

For those learners that travel to and from College by taxi, please note that as part of the post-16 transport agreement, times and destination are fixed. As such, alternative transport arrangements will need to be sought in this instance.

You will be notified of all/any placement details some way in advance of the start date but should you have any queries in the interim, please contact Claire Skeggs, our Employability & Work Experience Manager.

Those learners entitled to a free school meal will be provided with a packed lunch when on placement. Otherwise, students will be expected to bring with them a packed lunch each day. In some cases, members of College staff will be offer support to those in placement