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Market Field College (MFC) Alumni Community 

What does alumni mean: 
The alumni of a college are the people who used to be students there. As a former student of Market Field College, you are part of its alumni!

The Value of an Alumni Community 

The relationship you have with the college is important to us, as are the ones you have with each other. When you finish college, the friendships you make do not end there – it is just the beginning of your next life chapter. Being part of an alumni community gives you the opportunity to be connected to a developing network of former students from the college. This can help you to stay in touch with others and share success stories in terms of what you are achieving! 

Other benefits

In addition to staying connected with the college community, there are other benefits afforded to alumni members. This includes activities such as: 

  • Being invited to listen to guest speakers/events 
  • Being a guest speaker at the college (to share your experience with others)
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Signposting to support services
  • Careers advice & guidance  
  • Supporting the next generation of MFC students via mentoring opportunities 
  • Social events 

The Market Field College Alumni Community 

Market Field College will be using the social network platform, WhatsApp, to host its Alumni community. We’ve chosen WhatsApp as it is a popular and accessible messenger service, already used by many of our young people for social purposes.  

Please be aware that, by being part of the WhatsApp group, the number you provide will be visible and available to the rest of the group. You can opt to leave the group at any time. 

All users of the WhatsApp group must agree to abide by the college’s WhatsApp Group Rules.  A copy of these are attached to the registration form. College staff will administer the group and oversee content.  

How to join the college alumni community 

To join our alumni community, you are required to complete the registration form. A copy of the registration form is available via our admin office