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Parent Views

My Nephew loves Market Field College, he gets the hump if he can not go in for any reason. The staff are great and always there to help. My nephew has learnt so much at the college, and there is so much for him to do. Keep doing what you are all doing, you're all great 


When we came to look around, we could feel the positivity in the environment. The students were engaged, and the staff seemed relaxed. We knew immediately this was the right choice for him. Our Son has been given opportunities that he wouldn't have had in other SEN provisions. Market Field has treated out Son with warmth and genuine understanding and always responded to his needs promptly and with care. Prior to Market Field college, our Son had been in SEN education. The difference in care and attention at Market Field was notable, not just by us, but by our Son. Thank you, Market Field!


Market Field College has helped my foster daughter learn how to cook and to be a bit more independent. I feel it is a nice place and my foster daughter is very happy there

Market Field College recognised that their initial assessment of our Son was not correct. They took the time to change his timetable to a more bespoke one, that recognised his needs. Since then, he is going from strength too strength to achieve his goals

My Son transferred to the college from Market Field School. He has really enjoyed his time at the College, and his experience has been very positive. He has been able to study in a safe environment, and at an appropriate level. All the teachers have been excellent and have really helped him to achieve what he has been capable of achieving. When he finishes this year he will be very sad to leave and we as parents will be sad to see his time end at the College

My daughter struggled at school which therefore had a detrimental effect on her attendance. Since her move to College she initially began in their wonderful hub which really helped build her confidence. I am delighted to say she is now part of a wonderful class within the main College and loves the broad spectrum on her timetable. I am extremely grateful to all the staff of Market Field College and extremely happy with her achievements