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Student Views

The College provide clubs during and after college. This brings students together and helps communication skills


I like coming to College because I actually get to see my friends. Teachers are really nice, and you can actually talk to them about any problems and they understand


I feel safe and happy at College and I feel the College understand me


There are clear rules, so any problems get dealt with quickly so nothing turns into a big issue


I have talked to staff and that helped when I was struggling with some mental health and other issues outside of College


I feel comfortable being at College, staff talk to you in a respectful tone and in a way you can understand


The College challenge you to help you become a better person. They encourage you to be role models for other younger students


The College helps me to be the best I can be


I wasn't very confident when I first came to College, but I am now because of the support I have had


The College has supported me to make better choices